All about pampas grass

A little history:
We have South America to thank for pampas grass. Originally coming from the "Pampas" region in Southern South America, Pampas grass, also known as Cortaderia selloana is the grass we have all come to know and love! It has since been planted all over the world (mostly for ornamental purposes) with over 25 species now known ranging in looks from Pink to white, purple and brown. It was very popular back in the 70's and has recently come back into the light and we are so glad! 

Pampas grass is SO LOW MAINTENANCE. So if you are a plant killer, this is the one for you. Our pampas all come pre dried so there is no need for water, if anything keep water far away. Some varieties of pampas shed more than others, if you want to help minimize the shedding give it a light spray of strong hold hair spray and it should help. To further avoid shedding keep pampas grass in a low traffic area.

Pampas season:
The seasons vary depending on the region it comes from. Most commonly pampas is harvested August to November. This can make it tricky to find pampas at different times of the year, especially if you are planning a spring or early summer wedding for example. 

Vase life:
Years! Most sources will state 3 years but we've had it last longer.
Quick facts:
Pampas grass can grow to 13 Feet!
Pampas grass is considered an invasive species in some areas.
The leaves of pampas grass plant can have sharp blades. (these are cut off in our pampas, no need to worry)

Purchasing pampas grass:
When purchasing your pampas grass, consider what look you are wanting, where you will put it in your home or space and what type of vase you will be putting it in. some varieties have smaller plumes and longer stems (Holland) and others can have larger plumes and smaller stems (California). What ever you choose, the stems are always easily cut down to your desired length.
Pampas supplier:
We sell pampas grass local here in the greater Vancouver and lower mainland area. We can also ship pampas grass across Canada for all your pampas grass needs!