Home Decor Trends of 2021

At Golden August, our personal interior design style falls anywhere between bohemian-chic and Californian surfer shack vibes with a touch of minimalism, which is why we have been loving some of the latest home decor trends of 2021. We are passionate about making our homes feel cozy and put together in ways that are design-forward but still functional, and we draw a lot of inspiration from our own collection of dried florals to create homes that evoke feelings of warmth and calmness. Here are some of our absolute favourite home decor trends of the year so far.

Earth Tones:

Earth tones are one of the latest and most flattering trends for any style of home, because they make any space feel warm and inviting. Earth tones include colours that range anywhere from tan, to beige, to deep red and are often best accented by natural wood and other natural materials or fibers. As one of the latest interior design and home decor trends, earth tones help create a simple color scheme that is both soft, soothing and guaranteed to never go out of style.

Dried pampas grass in an earth-toned room with minimalist and earth-toned wall decor

 Rattan Furniture:

While it may not be an entirely new trend, rattan furniture is seeing a new following from home decor and interior design enthusiasts, because it is the perfect way to bring a boho vibe to your home that looks beautiful with earth-toned color schemes. It is no surprise that rattan is seeing a revival in home decor trends, because it is a material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Rattan is a vine-like, natural material that can be fashioned into a large variety of furniture pieces in a number of different ways. Its versatility makes it the perfect addition to any home and can be incorporated in a number of different ways to make any space in your home feel revitalized.

We have been loving rattan wardrobes to bring a pop of warmth to your bedroom, or even rattan lighting fixtures to make a bold statement that allows light to filter through for added brightness. While these are gorgeous ways to incorporate rattan into any home, you can also never go wrong with buying a rattan chair to swap out that armchair you’ve been meaning to get rid of, or those dining chairs that you’ve never really loved.

A grouping of rattan light fixtures in a minimalist and bohemian styled living room with rattan chairs and a rattan wardrobe in the backgroundRattan chair with soft white textiles and dried pampas grass in a bohemian inspired living room
                                                              Photo Credit: Bali Interiors                                    Photo Credit: Pinterest


Archways are a great way to incorporate curves and organic shapes to a room, especially rooms that are in desperate need of something to contrast the harsh edges or lines of modern furniture. While not everyone can have an arched entryway in their home, there are many ways to include arches in your home.

We particularly love the arched mirror trend, because it can serve as a design-forward statement piece that helps smaller spaces feel infinitely bigger and brighter by reflecting light throughout the room. For an added bonus, arched mirrors can also be the perfect place for you to take some gorgeous mirror selfies in your own home. 

Arched entryway in an all-white, minimalist homeArched mirrors from West Elm in a minimalist style bedroom with a natural wood chest of drawers

                                            Photo Credit: Kyal & Kara                                                         Photo Credit: West Elm 


Poufs can help make a room feel more grounded by offering a soft, accent seating that is low to the ground, or poufs can accompany a chair to create a comfortable place to put your feet up that still looks stylish and put together. Poufs allow you to incorporate soft, plush textures into any room, because every room needs a touch of softness to make it feel cozy and inviting.

Wood Slate Headboards:

We have been loving wood slate headboards as a way to give your bedroom the refresh it has been desperately needing. These headboards are a great opportunity for you to incorporate natural wood into your bedroom, and can look beautiful with any neutral, earth-toned bedding to make your room feel like its own little oasis.

Wood slate headboard on a neutral-toned, minimalist bed with tan and beige throw pillows and a white duvetWood slate headboard with a black minimalist lamp and white accents

                Photo Credit: Katlyn Joy (@withintheseframes); Pillows from Haven Makers                  Photo Credit: Pinterest

 Vintage Furniture:

Like rattan furniture, there is nothing “new” about using vintage furniture in your home, but mixing vintage furniture finds with newer and more modern pieces can make any space look like it is straight out of a design magazine. We love using vintage furniture in our homes because it can make a room feel more balanced and “lived in,” and vintage furniture finds are the perfect complement to the modern pieces in our homes. Vintage furniture can be found anywhere and is a great way to support local antique or vintage furniture stores in your area.

Mix of vintage and modern furniture using natural wood, white textiles, and minimalist home decor accentsMix of vintage and modern furniture using natural wood, white textiles, and minimalist home decor accents

 Photo Credit: Serena Mitnik Miller & Mason St. Peter

Dried Florals:

Lastly, we can’t forget our favourite home decor trend of 2021: dried florals. Unlike fresh florals, dried florals feel newer and more unique and can liven up any space in your home. Dried florals can be used in so many ways from making dried floral bouquets to making your very own installs. Whether you want the bold look of pampas grass, or the tropical feeling of dried palms, Golden August has everything you could ever dream of to introduce dried florals into your own home.

Dried pampas grass and dried palm suns in white ceramic vases on a minimalist and boho-inspired shelfMinimalist details in a kitchen and dining room using dried pampas grass, and dried florals

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