Golden August Wedding Offerings

Wedding season is just around the corner, and Golden August has everything you need to make your dried floral dreams come true on your special day. Whether you’re looking for a boho-inspired bouquet, beautiful dried floral venue decorations, something simple, or something bold, Golden August has you covered.

Dried florals are the latest in wedding trends and they can make your wedding florals stand out whether you’re using only dried florals or fresh florals as well. Pampas grass is the perfect addition to any wedding because of its long, elegant, and wispy textures, while bunny tails bring a soft, simple, subtlety to anything from your wedding bouquet to your table settings.   

Bridal bouquet using dried florals and pampas grass. Boho inspired wedding trendsBridal bouquet using pampas grass and other dried florals, boho and minimalist wedding trends; Golden August

Bouquets & Boutonnieres:

Golden August offers custom bouquets and boutonnieres for your wedding party and we are happy to help you make your vision a reality. Whether it’s pampas grass, eucalyptus, bunny tails, roses or baby’s breath, Golden August can work with you to create bouquets and boutonnieres that will help make your wedding day special.

Golden August can also work with you to create custom bouquets for your wedding centerpieces. Dried florals are the perfect addition to your wedding tables and can be used to create anything from a bold, statement centerpiece to a more minimalist, elegant bouquet for your table. We love working with people to make custom centerpieces and other table décor for their weddings.

Here are some of our favourite boutonnieres:

Dried floral boutonnieres using baby's breath, dried pampas grass and other white dried floralsDried floral boutonnieres for a boho inspired wedding. Summer wedding trends, Golden August

Bridal Bouquets:

For inspiration, here are a number of our favourite bridal bouquets we have made. We love making these gorgeous, custom bridal bouquets and would love to work with you to be a part of your wedding day.

Bridal bouquet using pampas grass, eucalyptus, white roses, and dried florals. Gorgeous eucalyptus and pampas grass bridal bouquetBeautiful dried floral bridal bouquet with pampas grass, dried palm spears, roses, and other dried florals using white and neutral tones with a touch of pinkWedding/bridal bouquet using dried florals including pampas grass, palm spears, palm suns, white roses and other dried florals for a minimalist and California desert inspired bridal lookDried floral wedding and bridal bouquet using pampas grass, dried palms, and white roses for a minimalist, boho-chic, or California desert inspired bridal look/wedding decor Bridal/wedding bouquet using pampas grass, dried palms, and other dried florals to make a white and neutral toned bouquet with small red and orange accents for bohemian-inspired weddings 

Bridesmaids Bouquets:

We have been getting more and more requests to create bridesmaids bouquets for weddings recently, resulting in some seriously stunning bouquets. Here are some of our most popular bridesmaids bouquets to inspire you for your own dried floral wedding bouquets:

Dried floral wedding bouquet for bridesmaids using white palm suns, pampas grass and baby's breathDried floral wedding bouquet or bridesmaids bouquet with pampas grass, red palm suns, and other red accents for a California desert or bohemian inspired weddingDried floral wedding bouquet for bridesmaids using pampas grass, eucalyptus, bunny tails, and baby's breath


One of the boldest ways to incorporate dried florals into your wedding ceremony or reception is installs. Dried floral installs are a beautiful way to get in on the latest wedding trend and can be designed in a variety of different ways. Our pampas grass, palms, and bunny tails can be used to make any install you could imagine. Dried florals are the perfect way to dress up your wedding arch, create a hanging “cloud” installation, or to add some gorgeous decorations to your wedding aisle. The possibilities are truly endless!

Here are just a few ideas of how Golden August’s dried floral collection can be used to decorate your wedding venue.

Dried floral, eucalyptus, and pampas grass wedding venue install surrounding a wedding arch; boho inspired wedding trends, perfect for summer weddingsWedding venue centerpieces using dried pampas grass and other dried florals, perfect boho-inspired summer wedding decorDried pampas grass wedding install - perfect wedding decor for any venue or location. Perfect for a summer, boho inspired weddingPampas grass wedding decor, boho-inspired wedding arch

Bulk Order:

Golden August offers up to a 30% discount on bulk orders that are placed at least 2 months in advance. Dried florals can be stored for months before your wedding day, meaning there’s no need to stress about fresh florals, because bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and installs can be made months in advance.

For more information on pricing and details on how Golden August can help with creating your perfect wedding, contact us at We can’t wait to work with you and help you make your dried floral wedding dreams come true!  

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