Wedding Trends of 2021

Wedding season is just around the corner, so we are looking at a few of our favourite wedding trends of the year to get us even more excited. While we may be biased, dried florals and weddings make the perfect pair and, luckily, dried florals have become more and more popular for weddings in recent years. That being said, there are so many other beautiful wedding trends that we have loved seeing throughout 2021, whether they include dried florals or not.

Pampas Suns:

Pampas suns are a gorgeous and unique way to incorporate pampas grass into any wedding ceremony, reception, or even your wedding day photos. This gorgeous use of pampas grass can double as a bridal bouquet for a boho-chic bridal look or can be used as an installation to decorate any wedding venue. Pampas suns bring a striking boldness in whichever way they are included and help add warmth to your wedding day decor.


Wedding photo of bride holding dried pampas suns and a dried pampas bouquet with bohemian inspired wedding dress and accessories; bohemian inspired wedding photographyWedding photo of couple holding dried pampas suns with bohemian inspired wedding dress and accessories; bohemian inspired wedding photography

 Photo Credit: Festival Brides

Floral Clouds:

Hanging floral installations have always been a beautiful way to incorporate florals into your wedding day in a whimsical and fun way that still remains delicate and classic. We have been especially loving floral clouds that use baby’s breath and other flowers to create a soft, elegant touch to your wedding venue. As an added bonus to these stunning floral installations, floral clouds are an amazing way to include bold flowers at a wedding table in a way that still allows you to see all of your guests.

Neutral, white, minimalist wedding table with white chairs and a dried floral cloud-shaped installation with baby's breath and white flowers Dried floral hanging wedding installation

 Photo Credits: Luke Middlemiss Photography & The Evoke Company

Flower Hats & Crowns:

Adding flowers to your bridal look is the perfect way to accentuate your bridal “glow” in a fresh and natural way. Flower crowns or hats laced with floral details can suit any wedding look from classic and simple to dramatic or bohemian-inspired bridal looks. Flower crowns and hats are beautifully diverse and can be custom made to each bride or bridal party to highlight any colour scheme or wedding theme.

Bohemian, mermaid cut wedding dress with a flower crown made of fresh and dried florals in a field of hayBohemian, mermaid cut white wedding dress with a small, minimalist dried floral bouquet and a dried floral hat

 Photo Credit: Lovers Society

Wicker Placemats:

Wicker placemats are seeing a resurgence in wedding décor, and they are a gorgeous way to decorate and accentuate wedding tables in a way that lends a natural elegance. They are a wonderful way to incorporate natural fibers that evoke the feelings of a California desert, and are the perfect addition to bohemian-inspired weddings. Wicker placemats are simple and understated, they look cohesive with any colour scheme, and they are an amazing way to add a touch of warmth to any wedding tablescape.

Neutral and earth toned wedding table with wicker and fringe placemats and dried floral and pampas grass bouquet centerpiecesWhite wedding table with wicker placemats and a succulent centerpiece

 Photo Credits: Balmy Isle & My Bali Living

Toffee Coloured Roses:

Toffee coloured roses are the latest trend in wedding florals and we totally understand why. Toffee coloured flowers bring a warm, toasty, and soft elegance to bouquets, installs, or centerpieces and feel like a fun change from traditional rose colours. Toffee coloured roses are the perfect addition to any fresh, or dried, bouquet and look beautiful with everything, making them perfect for any upcoming weddings this year.

Toffee coloured roses and white flower bridal bouquet with a mix of fresh and dried floralsToffee coloured roses and white flower bridal bouquet with a mix of fresh and dried florals

 Photo Credits: Galia Lahav & Enzoani

Palm Sun Centerpieces:

Using dried palm suns as a wedding centerpiece is a gorgeous way to do something subtle and understated to liven up a wedding table, which is why palm sun centerpieces are one of our favourite wedding trends of 2021. We personally love white palm suns for wedding centerpieces because they are simple and elegant, but still make your wedding day feel like a tropical destination wedding.

Wicker placemats on a wedding table with dried palm sun centerpieces

 Photo Credit: Tonkin Handicraft

Dried Floral Installations:

Like dried palm suns, dried floral installations are another one of our favourite wedding trends of 2021. Dried floral installs are so versatile and can include anything from dried pampas grass, to bunny tails, to dried palms to create the perfect venue decorations. Dried floral installs can be made months in advance and last forever so they can be saved as a memory for years after your special day.


Dried floral wedding installation (install) with dried palm spears, dried pampas grass, dried roses, and baby's breathDried floral wedding installation with palm spears and dried pampas grass
Photo Credits: Nicola Dixon Photography & Majenia Design

Dried Boutonnieres:

Dried boutonnieres are a great way to make sure the groom and groomsmen are also included in the dried floral wedding trend. Dried boutonnieres are simple, handsome, and low maintenance, making them the perfect addition to any wedding day. Dried floral boutonnieres will never wilt or fade and are guaranteed to look flawless throughout your special day. We have been loving dried boutonnieres lately because they are a beautifully subtle way to accentuate a suit and incorporate the dried floral trend into your wedding day.

Simple, white dried wedding boutonnieres for groomsmen and groom
Photo Credit: Atelier Prairies

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