All about Eucalyptus


Our most beloved eucalyptus is born in the country of Australia! Over 3/4 of their forests are eucalyptus forests and with over 700 species, most are native to Australia. Wild fires are a common occurrence in Australia but the eucalyptus tree will usually resprout and the seeds are able to survive fire. Eucalyptus has been planted in many countries around the world now. In some areas the trees are being cut down because they are seen as highly flammable. 


We carry a tiny sample of the over 700 species of eucalyptus. Our most popular being Silver Dollar, True blue, Seeded and Baby Blue. 

Where to purchase

Before we started this business, eucalyptus was very hard to find in our area. If found, stems ranged from $4-6 EACH!! We have been able to supply eucalyptus in large growers bunches for reasonable pricing. We have been in touch with many people around Canada still on the hunt for eucalyptus (we hope to ship to you one day)!! If you aren’t in our area however, we recommend trying your local florist. 

How to style

There are so many ways to style eucalyptus as it’s so versatile! From weddings to baby showers, casual home decor and diy crafts the options are endless - check our Instagram page or Pinterest for inspiration!

Eucalyptus Care

When you get your eucalyptus, clip the stems and put into water as soon as possible. We recommend changing the water every few days or when you notice any discolouration. Stems can be re clipped as well. Avoid placing any leaves in the water to prevent extra bacteria growth. How long it will last depends on many factors, but with these tips we hope you get the best possible life out of your eucalyptus.

If you want to dry your eucalyptus, there are a few different methods. The two we love are very simple. 


Method one:

Arrange your eucalyptus in a dry vase how you want it to be positioned when it is dry. That's it! The eucalyptus should be fully dry in a week.

Method two:

Dry your eucalyptus upside down for a different look. To do this we recommend arranging the bouquet how you like and then tying a string around the stems about 4-5 inches up. Next, hang on a wall. This method will cause the stems to stand straighter if you ever decide to take them down and put them back into a vase.


When the eucalyptus dries you will notice the colour fades. The leaves, especially the silver dollar and the seeded, will wave, wrinkle or curl. Don't worry, this is completely normal.

Whatever method you decide, just be aware that once it dries it is very fragile, so try not to move it around too much after.

When your eucalyptus is dry it can last for ages and we hope you love it! We both have dried eucalyptus that is over a year old and going strong!